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Meet Our Founder

Maranda Ratcliff

Kalispell, MT


Maranda Ratcliff grew up in Billings, MT where her family packed up the truck each weekend to head to the mountains.

The outdoors became a place where she could disconnect, build confidence, and experience the true beauty of God’s creation.

Although Maranda struggled to “fit in” and find a community where she felt she “belonged” for many years, the mountains always made her feel at home.

Maranda’s passion for the outdoors and desire to build true and meaningful connection sparked the idea for RMWO – a community where empowered women would come together and embark on adventures together.

Maranda’s biggest desire is to inspire as many women as possible to chase their dreams and get out of their comfort zone…

“The tallest mountains lead to the most beautiful destinations.”

Wow! Maranda is such an inspiration!! Went on my first RMWO adventure and I was blown away such a great time to connect with others, meet new friends, and share this wonderful experience! Cannot wait for the next trip

Roberta O'Connor