Carlie Peterson

Bozeman, MT

Nature–I have always been drawn to it, always been fighting the social desire to separate from it, and I’ve always been my true self within it. Growing up in the micro woods of Minnesota, combined with a healthy imagination, sufficed to satisfy my need for that connection with nature–until I yearned for more to explore.


The lakes supplemented my desire for some time, but the inevitability of moving on to wide open spaces was certain. 2010 marked my official trade of lakes for mountains and The Big Sky, and it’ll take a lot to get me to leave. The careers I have chosen have been focused on being outdoors, and the life I have made here has been a deliberate choice; a life that I don’t need a vacation from.


My life in the Twin Cities suburbia was always a world away when I’d venture to Worland, WY every summer to visit my Grandpa’s farm–and East Rosebud to visit his sister’s cabin. From rainbow trout fishing to Badland exploring, I’d always felt at peace.



Growing up a horse-crazed girl, my heart longed for cross country endeavors in the Minnesota woods: logs to jump, wide open fields to race through, and river banks–to either fly across or stop at for a swim. I grew up ski racing; the ability to be out enjoying nature, at fast speeds, is a thrill every day I strap in. Although I have a theme of speed in my life, I also like to trail ride and hike into the mountains, just to be.


The power of that reflective time, to bring me back to the basics and forget the struggles of the “sophisticated” life humans have created, is unlike any other. Although solitude in nature is desirable, nothing is as sweet as sharing an epic experience with others. I hope to spread this desire to be outdoors, in The Rockies–and with other women.

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